The word from the Mayor

Chères Tenumémoises, chers Tenumémois,

Hervé De Villepin

In an economic context always complex and delicate, allocations from the State to local communities
down, difficulties of obtaining grants, build our communal budget 2014 was a laborious work.
Balance in 2015 becomes a real challenge.
Yet the year 2014 has been rich in events and investments:
The second phase of the work of the Cure barn has started at the beginning of the year and the new library will open its doors before the end of the winter.

A new Municipal Council was elected and the new team fully insured investment of the previous Board decisions, working immediately at the launch of the construction of the new school, to open in
last September. Through continuous work during the summer of companies, deadlines have been met. 41 children
have integrated the two classes in September. In parallel with the school, the school pole was little by little: transformation of the communal classroom school restaurant and extracurricular home; project initiated since the beginning of the previous and revised four times mandate to enlarge it. It has not been easy to coordinate all trades bodies and the deadlines of work but a new life is given to this building that will accommodate 75 children in the after-school home and 178 students for lunch. The opening of the doors is
will be in January 2015.

At the beginning of the summer the city wooden street was buzzing: in addition to our work, there were those of the first instalment of the BIA, and the construction of the school Saint Louis by Providence. Over this period, over eighty people worked together on our common sites.

All of these investments are necessary for the future of Saint even. But they have a cost which by its importance and the current economic situation will curb any future projects of Saint even the light.
However, the City Council continues to work in the interest of all and currently looking to optimize development
available in front of the Town Hall and the Hall:
additional parking places, a better location for the weekly market Friday evening?
A reflection is also conducted under the jurisdiction of the community of Communes, for the realisation of an area of carpooling.

With the first lots sold on the ZAC, new houses will be built, wish that on this occasion craft businesses settled on the inter-communal activity area of gorse, it is our great wish.
The life of a municipality is measured as much by the diversity and the dynamism of its associative fabric; by browsing through the pages of your newsletter no. 36 enjoy associative richness and quality of the Tenumemoises events.

At the dawn of this new year 2015, on behalf of the municipal Council and municipal staff, I present to you all, Tenumemoises, and Tenumemois, my most sincere wishes of personal, family, professional satisfaction, success and especially good health. I hope that heat and hope in tenumemois homes and prevail in this difficult period of crisis, we need to maintain confidence and continue to build the future.

Mayor Hervé de Villepin